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Sea-more Green
Beneficial Biologics
Be well and be Beneficial!

Welcome to Beneficial Biologics, the home of Primordial Solutions and SO much more! Beneficial Biologics is founded on the principle of healthy plants through a healthy & diverse microbial community in your garden. Yes, we happily ‘culture’ beneficial microbes, plants and in turn, ultimately – people. We are here to help you achieve maximum vibrancy and productivity in both your garden and life.

As we mentioned, we are the proud home of Primordial Solutions, which includes the flagship ground-breaking product Sea Green. NOT A NUTRIENT, it is among the most sought after products to ever have hit the market. And with five years under our belt, our fans continue to grow and we continue to change the game. Truly outstanding, Sea Green, and the accompanying products, vastly increase your garden’s nutrient uptake. For explosive results, add just 1mL of Sea Green per gallon of water to your current feeding program and, well, just watch what happens. You will be impressed. (And it’s all natural!) Again, this is not a nutrient program, this is designed to enhance your nutrient program.

Pairing Sea Green with both Primordial Solution’s Rootamentary and True Blooms, you can increase growth and production while speeding up and improving rooting time, rate of growth and flower development. Don’t change what you are already doing, just add these three products to your feeding regimen to improve your results.

What else do we have? The team at Beneficial Biologics has taken the time to develop the highest quality compost tea ingredients available. After extensive research and testing, we’ve put together a line of products that make sense for compost tea and biologically minded gardening. Known as the Logic line – Humalogic, Kelp Logic and Fish Logic were carefully selected to bring to you the highest quality, and most cost effective ingredients possible. We guarantee these three products will give your compost tea brewing the best results Mother Nature and human ingenuity can create.

And finally, to round out your gardening demands, check out our Root Bloom premium mycorrhizae to give your garden the complete biological advantage.