It’s all about The Beneficial Method here at Beneficial Biologics. Yes, we like to nurture mother nature – and let her do the hard work. We offer complimentary products to enhance any feeding program or growing system, allowing you to see more green. We support any nutrient program and all growing systems, from advanced to basic, in soil or hydroponics.

For over six years, Beneficial Biologics has offered game changing products and we continue to unveil new evolutions. In 2016, we proudly announce our full program known as The Beneficial Method. Led by an evolution of our previous flagship products – we introduce Bene-Bio and Bene-Brix.  Either stand alone or used together, the Bene-Bio and Bene-Brix support healthy microbial environments while also offering an advanced carbohydrate to be used at any time.

Rounding out The Beneficial Method, we include Bene-Fish, our ocean blend, Root Bloom, our myco-bacterial foundation, and the full Logic Line of concentrated goodness.

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