AminoLogic – A superior organic nitrogen source ~ L-amino forms


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An excellent additive to your compost tea or nutrient program, AminoLogic provides a controlled boost of water soluble nitrogen in the form of a full spectrum of L-amino acids. The combination of nitrogen in the form of the amino acid chains are crucial for vigorous plant development. AminoLogic can be used in all soil, soilless and hydroponic systems and is highly compatible with other nutrients and supplements. Whether applied directly to small or large plants, shrubs, food crops, turfs or fruit bearing trees, or simply added to your compost teas for additional richness and potency, AminoLogic provides the nitro boost for The Beneficial Method.

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AminoLogic: fast-acting, full amino profile, nitro boost.

AminoLogic offers a flexible nitrogen source and unmatched solubility to kick start or boost any growing program. Hence, a great product to use for plants with a sluggish nitrogen cycle. Use on a full variety of crops. With a full spectrum of L-amino acids from non-GMO sources, it’s a necessary tool in any cabinet. Not to forget, this soluble powder can be used in soil or hydroponic systems, both indoor or out, without the fear of clogging lines. While AminoLogic works as a great stand-alone additive, don’t overlook AminoLogic’s power as an excellent ingredient in compost teas or as an accent to your existing feeding schedules.  AminoLogic packs the nitrogen punch – you decide when it is needed.

  • Water soluble powder
  • Excellent for hydroponics, soil or soilless medium
  • A stand-alone enhancement or perfect for spiking compost teas
  • Pair with Bene-Fish for an enhanced nitrogen foundation
  • 13% nitrogen in the form of amino acids
  • trace amount of nitrates

A unique and powerful powdered blend. One teaspoon treats five gallons – why ship water?

Available in 1oz, 8oz, 13oz, 1.5lb and 4lb sizes. Call to discuss larger quantities.

The Beneficial Method

Incorporate the full range of Beneficial Biologics products to provide a healthy substrate and flexible support for your existing nutrient program. The Beneficial Method acts as a full spectrum, healthy probiotic formula for your plants! Whether simply using the foundational Bene-Bio formula or leaning solely on the advanced carbohydrate blend of Bene-Brix, a solution always exists in The Beneficial Method.

Of course there is the boosting power of AminoLogic – whether as a standalone additive or mixed into your nutrients or compost tea.  However, there is much more! Try a top water blend of 1/2 tbsp. AminoLogic and 1 gallon of Bene-Fish throughout your vegetative developmental process. Apply this simple solution every one to two weeks, depending on the growth process. Larger plants can always handle more. Better yet, AminoLogic provides a safe nitrogen source with only trace amounts of nitrates.

Finally, use AminoLogic as a foliar. Apply our recipe every other week: Mix 1/2 tbsp. of AminoLogic with 1/5 tsp of HumaLogic and 1 gallon of water for greater results. Our HumaLogic works to support uptake.

Application Rates:

Compost Tea Additive: 1/2 – 1 tbsp. per gallon of water with other ingredients, mix well.

Direct Fertilization or Foliar: 1/2 – 1 tbsp. per gallon of water with other nutrients, mix well.

Hydroponics: 1/4 – 1/2 tbsp. per gallon of water, mix well.

Store in a cool, dry place (less than 140F).




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