Premium quality, highly concentrated 55% humic acid with 12% fulvic acid supports nutrient uptake.



HUMALOGIC is a highly concentrated soluble Humic Acid supplement for your plants.

  • Super concentrated, one teaspoon of Humalogic treats five gallons.
  • Increases uptake of plant nutrients including micro-nutrients. Humic Acids are Nature’s favorite complexing agent for nutrient bio-availability.
    Derived from an ancient inland seabed, this rich organic matter is perfectly created by nature.
  • Increases the biological richness and diversity of any environment.
  • Perfect for compost teas or regular feedings.
  • Compare the other humic acid products: Humalogic is 55% humic acid!
    Why buy water?

Note: This product is 100% water soluble when mixed as directed and the water pH remains alkaline.

The Beneficial Method suggests to incorporate both HumaLogic and Kelp Logic into a power-packed foliar spray.  The combination supports exceptional uptake.

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