Bene-Bio – biological support for any nutrient


A unique bio-fertilizer with beneficial micro organisms to support your grow.

Bene-Bio, our advanced growth formula acts as your foundation through all stages of growth. Like a probiotic for people, Bene-Bio offers a blend which includes Bacillus Subtilis and Humic Acid. This proprietary mix works independently or can be boosted with the support of our Bene-Brix advanced carbohydrate formula. Use throughout your grow for ongoing support with any nutrient program and in any medium.




From start to finish Bene-Bio acts as the foundation for The Beneficial Method.

Like a craft beer, carefully produced in small batches with food-grade equipment, our fermented Bene-Bio is our flagship probiotic in The Beneficial Method. Our system offers complete support for any nutrient program or growing medium. For small to large scale grows, supporting both hobbyists and professionals alike, The Beneficial Method provides quality microbes and concentrated amendments. Use Bene-Bio and the full line from Beneficial Bioligics to boost your current nutrient program or assist with problematic situations. An excellent base for Compost Teas, our proprietary formula blends Bacillus Subtilis with high quality humates. We then ferment Bene-Bio over many months ensuring performance and shelf life. This unique fermentation process allows the microbes to multiply while digesting the benefits of our recipe. This means, as you add Bene-Bio to your mix you will see fast results!

Use once or twice a week at 1mL to 3mL per gallon of water.  A suggested usage: mix with your nutrients and the set dosage and aerate for 45 minutes. This allows the microbial community to kick start a digestion process and ready the feeding for plant uptake. If you enjoy Compost Teas, this is a perfect option to provide beneficial microbes into your mix. A little will go a long way!

Use Bene-Bio throughout your grow and see more green! Feed those microbes with our Bene-Brix and spike with Bene-Fish. During flowering, combine with our Kelp Logic.

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