Kelp Logic


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Kelp Logic is a highly concentrated and soluble seaweed extract in powder form. Microbe food,  a natural source of potassium, great for root development, flower set and all transitional stages. May be used as part of any feeding program, compost teas and great as a foliar, especially with Humalogic.



KELP LOGIC is a highly soluble seaweed extract that supports growth.

  • Super concentrated. One teaspoon treats five gallons
  • Specifically selected for its ability to boost microbial activity in compost teas and garden soil alike.
  • Kelp has been found to promote healthy and abundant growth through all developmental stages.
  • Rich kelp harvested from the North Atlantic.
  • Great as a foliar spray or watered into soil.

Why buy water?

Note: This product is 100% water soluble when mixed as directed and the water pH remains alkaline.

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